“GROUPS FORMING NOW: Join Our Group Of No More than Ten Anglers In The Bahamas On The Pristine Flats Of Andros Island, Home To Finest Bonefishing In The World.”

When experienced flats anglers think of the top bonefish locations in the world, Andros Island is always on that list. The south side of the island is home to giant schools of bonefish as well as the bigger bruisers making this destination appealing to both the new flats fisherman as well as those who have multiple bonefish trips under their belt. Mix in the occasional shot at a permit, tarpon or barracuda and there really is never a dull moment.


Our lodge for this this trip is Andros South, one of the most well respected lodges in the Bahamas and one that has a superb location. Located on a white sandy beach, you are a short 20 minute drive to the airport and a quick 15 minute morning drive to the dock to hit the flats. This is not a ‘luxury lodge’.  If you’re looking for white linen tablecloths, saunas, massage tables and silk sheets, this probably is not the lodge for you.

If you’re looking for clean, comfortable accommodations, outstanding service and the finest bonefishing in the world, you are going to love this place. One BIG plus is that you rarely see is that get your own room (with an air conditioner!). No more dealing with your favorite fishing buddies snoring all night. For couples that want to share a room, that can be arranged, just let us know at the time of booking.


Do You Have To Be A Expert Caster?

This one is a popular question for people that have not yet fished for Bonefish. Here’s what the guys at Andros South have to say about it.

Q: Do you have to be an expert caster to catch fish on South Andros?

A: No!  The fishery on South Andros is really productive (i.e. tons of fish), so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to catch fish even if you’ve never fished on the flats before.  Of course more skilled anglers will convert on more of their opportunities, but lots of novice anglers catch a lot of fish at Andros South and have a great time doing it.

Lucky for us, the fishery at Andros South is vast and pristine, with very little fishing pressure.  Most of the time, most of our bonefish are not very spooky at all.  Many of our shots involve fish swimming right at you, and very frequently they’ll swim up to within 10 feet.

Shots at 10 feet are actually pretty hard – for one thing, your rod doesn’t load very well with 1 foot of fly line (plus 9 feet of leader) out the tip of your rod.  At 30 feet you can turn your fly over pretty well and have some fly line available for the strip, strip, strip that moves your fly and entices a bonefish to eat.

We regularly host anglers who have never fly fished before, and they all catch fish.  We can have you casting 30 feet within the first hour that you’ve held a fly rod.  Sure, anglers who can cast further and more accurately will catch more fish, but we have not yet hosted a guest who couldn’t cast far enough to catch a bonefish at Andros South.


What’s Included:

  • Transfers to and from lodge from Congo Town airport
  • Single occupancy lodging (you get your own room)
  • Guided fishing with two anglers per boat (additional cost to fish solo, ask for details)
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Drinks, including beer, wine and liquor
  • Loaner gear and flies (feel free to bring your own)
  • Unlimited pre-trip advice

What’s Not Included?

  • Air fare to and from Congo Town (South Andros)
  • Clothing, wading boots, polarized sun glasses, etc.
  • 4% Bahamian VAT (on the trip price)
  • Gratuities for the guides and lodge staff.
  • Trip insurance (optional but recommended)
  • Fishing license

NOTE: If you are interested, you can fly from via private charter to and from Congo Town from Ft. Lauderdale, FL on the afternoon of ‘Day 1’ (see itinerary below). This is the most convenient way to South Andros. Another option is to fly from Ft. Lauderdale to Nassau, then from Nassau to Congo Town. Upon booking we will discuss the details of the charter and options to get to South Andros.

Itinerary (6 nights/5 days):

  • Day 1: Fly to Congo Town (South Andros). Upon arrival, lodge representative will drive group to the lodge (20 minutes). Head to your rooms to unpack and relax. Dinner is served at 6:30pm where a lodge representative will give you a more detailed overview on what to expect for the week.
  • Day 2: Breakfast is served at 6:30am (coffee will be available before for the early risers). Make lunches for the day, gear up and make a 15 minute drive to the dock and hit the water around 8:00am for a full day of guided fishing. Fishing wraps up around 4:30pm and you will arrive back at the lodge to unwind, maybe enjoy a dip in the ocean, or trade fishing stories with everyone over drinks at the Slack Tide Bar. Dinner is served at 6:30pm. You have the rest of the evening to relax, prepare for the next day, or maybe head back to the Slack Tide Bar on the beach for more fishing stories.
  • Day 3: Same as previous day
  • Day 4: Same as previous day
  • Day 5: Same as previous day
  • Day 6: Same as previous day
  • Day 7: After breakfast, a lodge representative will drive the group back to the Congo Town airport for departure to either Ft. Lauderdale, FL or Nassau for your trip for connection flights back  home.

$3,945 per angler

How To Reserve Your Spot or Ask Questions:

If you have any questions, or if you would like to reserve your spot, please fill out the form below I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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